Hello everyone and everybody, hello. Yes I am tired, tired of the doubt that come at me day and night, like I am still in a fight. Tired of the doubt that sometimes holes me in one place, and I can’t even see my face. Tired of the words from friends and love ones that pierce my heart to break the mind, body and spirit. I am tired of the fight that I seem to be losing. Tired of the pain and no gain, tired of the lost that came with a high cost. I am TIRED! Ok , Wake Up! Wake Up, Wake Up before I knock the fool out of you,  I am tired to, but we have to keep it moving, some day we will be proven that people who last, have class and people who stay receive there pay. Ok lets get it moving, 3 sets of leg raises just 200 each set. That should be something good and well for us today, see you soon.Remember it’s not being slim that take’s you there, it’s being healthy. Because when we are Healthy we are Wealthy.

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