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Hey guys I have been off a couple of days healing, and dealing with my health, wow what a good time. I am studying how to eat vegan and other deferent ways to increase better health. Man it’s really good to do the reading on healthy eating, sometimes it’s the mind thing, changing the mind and you will do fine. Ok , lets get going, 250 leg raises, 250 high knee’s and 250 push up’s. that’s all folks.

Wow, guys is a hard day down here on the mat. Today is my mat day/four sets of leg raises, 100, a set. I will get it done.

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Hello everybody I am out of the hospital, thankful, and grateful. 12 days in the bed not knowing what’s going on in my head, body or bed. They did find out it was a bad cold which jammed up my lungs and made it hard for my breathing . I did come out with a new approach to weight loss, ‘Juicing’, another way of producing. Yes I will be sharing with you guys about my juicing journey, wow here we go……..

Hey keep punching and less munching. When it comes to weight loss you need to be the boss.

Hello everybody, the goal is to stay healthy not slim.

I dream about losing weight, wake up and start working out on it.