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Hello everybody and everybody hello. It’s nice getting it twice, I am giving you a second go around. Let’s get into doing some wake up exercises. Starting with some leg raises of 100, high knees of 150, swats of 100, and ending with push-up’s of 100. I know this is a little different warm-up but I just got through cleaning up some snow around my house, man it was a battle…and I won.  Until the next time, spend some time, doing some of theses exercises.

Boxing is growing to be one of the main fitness exercises that has the capability of increasing blood circulation. This article delves into techniques used in boxing exercise.

Boxing is a very popular sport but it is not been considered to be one of the traditional forms of fitness exercises. Recently, boxing exercises have gain popularity as one of the most effective and aggressive ways of a full body workout. In other words, the whole body, from head to toe is involved in the action. It is very effective in improving cardiopulmonary strength and burning lots of calories. It provides a good mix of treadmill exercises and weightlifting.

All you will need to get started with boxing fitness exercises are the same things a professional boxer needs for his weekly training routines. These will include punch bags, which may come in different sizes and weights. The second thing is the pair gloves, which is a little different from the one used by fighters in the ring. These may also come in different variations.

The third one is the jump ropes. Because of the intensity of boxing exercises, it is usually recommended that you warm up before you get started. The jump ropes will serve that purpose. Other things you will need include wraps for your knuckles, footwear, towel for the sweat etc.

In boxing, there are many techniques used by the boxer to weaken his or her opponent. We all know the popular jab technique. This is the most commonly used punch in boxing exercises. It is a quick punch thrown into the bag with your leading hand. Other techniques include standing, straight right, hook, and uppercut. View full article »

Hello everybody and everybody hello, hope all is well as I can tell. Hey you know it is a good feeling, living in a healthy neighborhood. Letting your body, mind, and spirit receive all the good stuff that we need in living a good life. Hey today we are going to do some leg raises, 100. Some push-ups 200, and some high knees 300, and last but not lease 300 swats. That’s it, 3 sets and that would be your best. Enjoy your day as you play…with some hard work on the side for the ride. Hey remember it’s a journey, and not a trip, you don’t want to slip and bust your lip…lol.

Hey keep punching and less munching. When it comes to weight loss you need to be the boss. Hello everybody, the goal is to stay healthy not slim. I dream about losing weight, wake up and start working on it. These words are just a reminder to keep on doing what is needed to stay healthy. I know that it dose and will get hard to do what we have to do in staying healthy. Hey they say I am a old man, but I say I am a older man…I stay in the grind, and I am doing just fine. I try to do at lease 30 minutes of exercises  3-4 times a week, and I do it done…like a chicken in the oven. I want you to be encourage that all fat dose not have to stay like that on you. We all ready know what to do, or been told at sometime or another where to find the answers to better health. But we fight it, and struggle with it, nana not everybody is slim, but everyone should be healthy. There’s no such thing as big bones, but there is big meat or a lot of meat covering those bones. We are not build to be big as a whale and continue fail. No we have greatness in us to sail and I mean where ever we want to go.That’s all I want for my family, friends, and myself. So Yes, I am in the gym 5 days a week training students in boxing for weight loss, for USA Boxing competition, and good health all day and all the way. Ok guys , I will be talking soon, maybe night or noon, but it will be soon. Remember when it comes to losing weight, it’s not always the pounds, sometimes it’s the inches that count.

Hello guys and girls , are you ready to change your world? Hey it may take some time but you will do just fine. Today is a beautiful day, and time to get going with putting some heat on this extra meat, I am carrying. I am starting with 100 sit-ups, then 200 leg raises, and 300 high knees. and 100 swats ok. Just 4 sets and we are done. This is a good one to do when you are on the run, so lets have some fun. Now if you want to do 8 sets it will change your cheeks…lol. I am out. Remember don’t just count the pounds, count the inches as well. And drink that Water…day and night and you will be alright.

A new day.

Hello guys and girls, let’s change our  world. With weight loss, and health cost. It’s a high cost for being heavy, and over weight. You don’t want to be late in losing that extra weight. I look at my journey, I was at 604 pounds, a lot of weigh to be getting down. It’s been a while but I am consistent in living a better life, I am now at 310, I am in to win. With the wife, children, and grandchildren. A lot of people are giving up, but there’s no quit in me, because I want to be free. I want that belly to keep melting like jelly, so let’s get it going. One hundred high knee’s, 100 swats, 100 push-ups, and 100 leg raises, four sets and then the rest. Hey that’s it for today, I have to be on my way it’s time to play with my grandchildren. I will be talking again soon, maybe in two or three days, some time  around noon.

Hello guys , let’s get into doing some wake up exercises. Starting with some leg raises of 100, high knees of 150, swats of 100, and ending with push-up’s of 100. I know this is a little different warm-up but I just got through cleaning up some snow around my house, man it was a battle…and I won.  Until the next time, spend some time, doing some of theses exercises.



Hello guys , glad to be back on the block to keep in stock with the good news of good health. Back on the grind and doing fine. Ok , lets hit the floor and do some more leg raises, 100 would be good, and 100 swats , also 100 high knees. We will end it with 300 leg raises. Lets calm down with 300 push-up and we can wrap it up for the warm up. It’s nice to have the time to do some work outs,15 minutes, 20 minutes  30 minutes, a day. Yes, three days a week you will peek into a good level  of conditioning. I don’t have to holler for you to sallower this information into your formation of working out. Hey guys, see you later, it’s me your motivator.

Hey guys I have been off a couple of days healing, and dealing with my health, wow what a good time. I am studying how to eat vegan and other deferent ways to increase better health. Man it’s really good to do the reading on healthy eating, sometimes it’s the mind thing, changing the mind and you will do fine. Ok , lets get going, 250 leg raises, 250 high knee’s and 250 push up’s. that’s all folks.

Wow, guys is a hard day down here on the mat. Today is my mat day/four sets of leg raises, 100, a set. I will get it done.